seneca community chaplain corps

First Responders for the Soul

Seneca Community Chaplain Corps (SC3) is a team of highly-trained, highly-motivated Chaplains dedicated to the service of the people of the community. 

Our main purpose is to provide support, counsel, addiction and recovery services, training, volunteerism, and critical incident debriefing to people, our communities, and agencies. 

SC3 Chaplains are supported, accountable, and professional community volunteers ready to bring hope and healing anywhere that additional mental, emotional, spiritual support is needed. 

SC3 also is a bridge between the world and the Church as a faith based and community based organization.. 

Tom Wilson
Unit Manager

Dr. Tracy Elder

Our founder

Stephanie Bays
Case Management Specialist


Road to Hope is having an impact on the heroin epidemic in our communities.  We are a 14 bed residential facility for men.


Many people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of many more in our communities.  Find out how to partner with us.

I believe that what we are doing is the normal Christian life.  We are passionately pursuing people in need, knowing that the love of Christ can lead, guide and heal.  We work with both the natural and the spiritual.

​​mission & vision



                  REConcile                                              Restore

Rich Focht - Board President
His background in Economic Development and business is essential to our mission

who we are

our leadership team

Karen Bowers
Our Chief Operating Officer