IAOCC is a charter of Seneca Community Chaplain Corps, (SC3),

a 501c3 Corporation

​​Who We Are

Seneca Community Chaplain Corps (SC3), a 501(c)3 non-profit Corporation, is a team of highly-trained, highly-motivated, certified Chaplains

dedicated to serving the people of the community.  

Our main purpose is to provide support, counsel, training, addiction/recovery services and debriefing to our communities and agencies. 

SC3 Chaplains are supported, accountable, and professional community volunteers, ready to bring hope and healing anywhere that additional mental, emotional, and spiritual support is needed.  SC3 also serves as a bridge between the world and the Church.

Our Services

We Provide Services for, and Community Awareness Training in:

Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
Crisis Intervention
Counseling Referral Services
Death Notifications
Depression Intervention
Domestic Violence Support
Disaster Survivor Advocacy
Divorce Intervention & Support
Emergency Community Shelter Services
Emergency Preparedness Education
Ethics and Responsibility
First Responder & Responder Family Services
Funeral and Memorial Services
Grief and Loss
Hospital Visitation
Jail and Prison Ministry
Military Family & Veteran Support Services
Pastoral Counseling
Post-Traumatic Stress Support
Resource and Referral Consulting
Weddings  and pre-marital counseling

In Service To:

Law Enforcement
Court / Probation

Victim's Advocates

Jail / Corrections
Disaster response
Crisis Intervention
Corporate / Industrial
Fire Services
Community Service
Government Agencies
Churches / Ministries

Addiction / Recovery

Chaplains: First Responders for the Soul; Crisis Intervention; Chaplain Training

International alliance of chaplain corps