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  ​International  Alliance 

of  Chaplain Corps

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The International Alliance of Chaplain Corps (IAOCC) is focused on Workplace Ministry.  We believe that God has called us to workplace ministry as part of His command, "Go ye."  As a result, we endorse a variety of types of Chaplains including:  Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Service, Community Service, Motorcycle, Court, School, Hospital, Hospice and more.

IAOCC was founded by a multi-state group of experienced Christian Chaplains who came together to promote Community Chaplaincy through the development of Chaplain Corps, High Professional Standards, and to support those who feel the call of God to serve in workplace ministry.

Our Mission

The IAOCC is a non-profit membership organization under the Seneca Community Chaplain Corps (SC3), dedicated to the mobilization and credentialing of those called into workplace ministry and Critical Incidents as Chaplains through:

            Establishment of local and regional Chaplain Corps

            Certification / Licensure / Ordination

            Consultation in the development of Chaplains for 

            'Crisis and Disaster Response' and

            'Community Service' for various Intl. organizations

Executive Directors

Barbie and Chuck Meier

 Barbie and Chuck have served in chaplaincy for a number of years.  Starting in WA state, they have now transitioned into serving the greater IAOCC Corps across the country. 

As former executive director of the Washington Community Chaplain Corps (WC3) , Barbie cast a broad vision and built a team of solid chaplains who serve their communities in various capacities.  She has had valuable experience and success in building relationships with local emergency management entities. 

Chuck's passion has been toward jail and prison ministry for many years before he became a supportive member of the WC3. His desire for additional training and finding others who had a similar ministry mindset  brought him to IAOCC and the WA Corps. Other interests are CISM and Ham radio, which both open doors for service opportunities in the community. 

Supporting all IAOCC members, Barbie and Chuck are endeavoring to move the organizational goals forward, all helping make IAOCC a vital force in each community represented.

They are here to support Chaplains and Chaplain Corps in their individual and collective callings, to make IAOCC resources more accessible, to help in implementing more of the advanced trainings that Dr. Tracy has available, and other services that will help all concerned in the calling to Chaplaincy.

Barbie and Chuck value contact with  IAOCC members, and the opportunity to share in the victories as well as the needs that are happening out 'in the field'.  They hope to develop cross-pollination and encouragement between Corps around the country.  Watch for emails, newsletters, and ongoing website enhancements, working toward these goals.

Blessings as you "Go Ye!"

IAOCC is a charter of Seneca Community Chaplain Corps, (SC3),

a 501c3 Corporation

Chaplains: First Responders for the Soul; Crisis Intervention; Chaplain Training