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seneca community chaplain corps

                 IAOCC Membership

Those who complete the Basic IAOCC Chaplaincy Training  become eligible to apply for Membership and Ordination in IAOCC.  All of our membership procedures and requirements are available at our training seminars, or by contacting our office.

Membership in IAOCC places the member in a premiere, professional Chaplaincy Organization with a national network of allied Chaplains

Membership  Benefits

~ Certificate of License or Ordination

~ Photo ID

~ One advanced training at half price after attending one at regular price. 
~ Routine Chaplaincy consultation without charge.
~ Emergency Chaplaincy consultation without charge.
~ Invitations to Advanced Training Webinars with C

~ Invitations to Regional Conferences / Meetings as they become available.

Fees:  $150.00 Application Fee (may be discounted at class)
          $125.00 Annual Membership Fee